xperience Cloud Platform

The most flexible, secure, DSGVO-compliant and infinitely scalable hybrid event platform in the cloud.

Video, audio and interactive 3D as a seamless experience for your audience.


The xperience Cloud Platform is a revolutionary new software that supports brands and companies in digital and hybrid events. Our xperience software maximizes shared experiences and strengthens the commitment of participants. With a variety of customizable features, the xperience Cloud Platform enables an exciting and unique event for a global audience.


Infinite branding possibilities

Your brand determines the look and feel of your digital event - not the technical platform behind it. An unmistakable corporate identity for the event starts with your own logos and fonts and does not end with images and colors.

Live Video Streaming, Real Time Video and Video on demand

High-end video integration for different requirements.

Live Video Streaming for high quality keynotes in up to 4k quality and brilliant audio with chat function and Q&As.
Real Time Video for e.g. sales talks or unlimited fully self-managed real-time meetings with your established solution.
Video on demand to extend your event after the live event.

Participant management with easy access for your visitors

Participants can easily be invited from existing CRM applications. There is no complicated registration necessary, no software installation required. Your customers are only one click away from the live experience. Public areas for a large number of participants are available as well as invite-only options for exclusive areas for VIPs and media.

Infinitely scalable

Whether 100 or 100,000 participants: The Experience Cloud is almost infinitely scalable and ensures smooth transmission with high quality content even with a very large group of participants.

Interaction and Gamification

Live direction features, individual and group chats or question and answer (Q&A) rounds are available for interaction with the participants. Gamification elements offer the possibility to create a collective experience.

24/7 Support

Our support team will assist you throughout the event and minimize problems with logging in or registering - thus ensuring that you do not lose participants due to technical barriers.

Security and GDPR

The experience cloud platform is GDPR compliant. This applies to data security as well as server locations, access and role management or routing and encryption. In addition, TÜV Rheinland has tested our information security management system for certification according to the ISA catalog of the VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry).

Certified Penetration Test by the renowned SySS GmbH

The application is tested with respect to the issues described in the "OWASPT OP 10" list (among others) during the penetration test.
At the end of all test activities, SySS GmbH confirms that all relevant vulnerabilities have been successfully rectified.


The xperience cloud platform is a spin-off from Capture Media and Parasol Island. We are experienced experts in the areas of events, content, user experience and software development, who have been working for national and international customers for many years. With the xperience Cloud Platform, we have developed a platform for customized digital experiences that allows you to easily and securely create attention-grabbing events for your content and messages that will inspire your participants.

Digital platform and high-quality content from a single source

We know the conceptual requirements of events, are experienced in the production of high-quality content for different formats and know how to build a digital user experience and guidance. At the same time, with the xperience platform we rely on solid technical conditions, flexibility, uncomplicated access and high performance.


The xperience cloud platform has a modular structure so that only costs are incurred for functions that are actually used. Our individual modules are designed transparently, can be customized cost-effectively and are divided into comprehensible budget blocks:

per event
Content Editing & Management
Create and set up content elements in the CMS, e.g. sessions, surveys, meta pages, etc.
Live Monitoring / Helpdesk
Live support with helpdesk agents in English and German (other languages on request), via e-mail and/or chat. Dev and DevOp during the event for maximum operational safety.
Usage Costs e.g. Streaming
Consumption costs especially for live video streaming, VOD streaming, real-time video streaming, 2FA codes, etc.
Event period
Plattform Hosting & Monitoring
Hosting base costs, e.g. web hosting, WAF, individual licenses, SSO providers etc.
One time
Custom Features & Functionality
Creation of individual functions and modules like WebGL presentations, SSO logins, etc.
Setup & Theming
One-time effort for setting up the event (URL, certificates, etc.) and adapting the frontend theme (font, image sizes and proportions, color spectrum, etc.)
Plattform Setup & Monitoring
One-time effort for domain setup, WAF setup, domain warmup, monitoring e.g. DMARC etc.


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Erfüllt die xperience Cloud Plattform die Vorgaben der DSGVO?

Die xperience.cloud erfüllt die Vorgaben der DSGVO.

Ist xperience Cloud Plattform TISAX und/oder ISO 27001 zertifiziert?

Der Betreiber der xperience.cloud, die Parasol Island GmbH ist nach TISAX VDA ISA in der Stufe Stufe 3 zertifiziert.

Liegt ein (Architektur-) Schaubild der xperience Cloud Plattform vor?

Ein (Architektur-) Schaubild der xperience Cloud Plattform liegt vor und wird im Rahmen der Projektkonzeption gerne zur Prüfung überlassen.

Mit welchem Standard werden öffentliche Daten verschlüsselt?

Web-Client to Web-Server: https AES-256; Web-Server to REST API’s: https AES-256; VOD und Live Video: https AES-256 Outbound; RTMP oder SRT mit AES-256 Inbound; Realtime Video: (S)RTP mit AES-256; Formulardaten, bsp. Anmeldedaten: https AES256

Mit welchem Standard werden nicht öffentliche Daten verschlüsselt?

Teilnehmer-Datenbank: AES256; Metadaten: AES256

Werden Anmeldeinformationen durchgängig und systemweit verschlüsselt übertragen?

Die Anmeldeinformationen werden durchgängig und systemweit verschlüsselt übertragen und abgespeichert.

Existiert eine durchgängige Verschlüsselung der Daten bei Übertragung?

Sämtliche Daten werden durchgängig “End-to-End” AES256 verschlüsselt.

Werden die Daten bei Ablage bzw. Speicherung verschlüsselt?

Sämtliche Personenbezogenen- und Meta-Daten werden durchgängig AES256 verschlüsselt.

Wie erfolgt das Schlüsselmanagement?

Das Management der kryptografische Schlüssel erfolgt über Let’s Encrypt (Server), Cloudflare (WAF) und über die zentral verwaltete Verteilung und Erneuerung der kryptografischen Schlüssel über SaltStack.